About Us

History and Mission

Our university is an institution with tradition. Its foundation dates back to 1957, but it is worth mentioning the fact that the first stones in the founding of the University of Tirana were laid with the creation of the first educational institutions since 1946. Since then, several decades have passed and with them whole generations professors, scientists, staff and students. And the success of the University of Tirana is dedicated to them. Therefore, thousands of young students who know this tradition and the professors who work with them, walk in their footsteps, constantly striving to be the best everywhere and anytime.


Our university, like any other educational institution, offers a valuable service to the community. Increasing the quality of service and, in particular, perfecting the level of teaching and research, are achieved through continuous and fruitful communication with students. Therefore, he is a promoter of the student elite, which he helps in various ways, promoting the good functioning of student representations, so that students, as one of the main interest groups in higher education, are part of the process of decision making.
Qualified and experienced academic staff, which has the merit of excellent achievements in essential areas of social life, such as medicine, economics, law, philology, sociology, natural sciences, etc. is occasionally enriched with new elements, which give breath to the University of Tirana.

But this staff, in its important mission, has had and always has on its side the support staff, to which our university offers valuable training programs, to complement and create a better environment at the University of Tirana.

Nevertheless, a university is truly contemporary when it relies on a contemporary infrastructure. We try to expand and modernize the facilities, starting from laboratories, libraries, computerization, and reaching to the construction of a university campus, which is among the first priorities of our work. The University of Tirana is prepared and motivated to face the various challenges of the new century. The main challenges are those of the integration and globalization of Higher Education, taking into account the stage of development of the Albanian society and the Albanian state with the sure steps that have been taken to integrate into the large European family to which we belong. Therefore, we are focused on turning the University of Tirana into a regional actor, why not and beyond, as its position as a leader of Albanian-speaking Universities is already a reality accepted by society and educational institutions. For the University of Tirana to remain the best, we will continue to work with the dedication that characterizes us together with thousands of people who are part of its tradition and welcome all those who want to learn more about it.