Student Council





Venue: Faculty of Foreign Languages, Tirana, Albania / Online Webinar

Date: 12.05.2022 


Students are invited to submit proposals for papers on: 


FL Teaching 

Translation Studies 

Cultural Studies 

Communication Studies 




The Junior International Conference is an initiative of the Student Council of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tirana. The conference aims to build on the achievements made so far in the field of research by students themselves. Throughout the 21st century, essential transformations have taken place in various aspects of learning. The teaching methodology has changed by placing the student at the center of the class and encouraging the cultivation of the learning competencies. With the increasing relevance of learning gained through online platforms, the learning process has faced new challenges, the overcoming of which shed new insight on future perspectives. The presentation of papers on learning challenges and perspectives at this conference seems to be important for students’ learning process.  

The conference, moreover, aims to develop and strengthen cooperation between students and research units, to promote research, discussion, and critical thinking.  

The Conference is hosted at the Faculty of the Foreign Languages in Tirana. Students interested in submitting a proposal are kindly asked to apply through this link:  

Topics students may focus on: 

  • Learning through the use of electronic devices, platforms, and innovative applications during the pandemic. Advantages and perspectives. Experiences with online learning.
  • Research skills, achievements, and challenges. Experiences with research projects.
  • Studying foreign languages and the way they influence each other: Borrowings and neologisms, contrastive grammar, and comparative literary analysis. Teaching, translation, and intercultural communication experiences.
  • Strategies and perspectives for the engagement of young students in learning at school, and in real-life settings while promoting the values of a democratic society.


Important dates 

Abstract submission deadline: April, 30th 2022  

Notification of acceptance: May, 7th 2022 

Conference day: May, 12th 2022 


Conference Language:

Albanian/ Any language studied at the Faculty of Foreign Languages