Student Council

Student Council of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ( SCFFL)


Stelina Ndreu– Head of The Student Council (The Third Year student of Bachelor’s)

Stelljona Gjika – Member (The First Year student of Bachelor’s )

Emanuela Daci – Member ( The  Second Year student of  Bachelor’s)

Sara Perggigi – Member ( The  First Year  student of Master’s)

Ederjon Ibro – Member ( The Second Year  student of  Master’s)


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  • What is the role of SCFFL and its goal?

SCFFL is an independent organization of students, which represent and protect the interests of FFL students in all study programs.

SCFFL consists of democratically elected students as representatives of  FFL  students , in order to convey the demands of the students to the administration of the Faculty, and to contribute to the educational activities in the faculty and in the university.

  1. The essential  purpose  of  SCFFL  is to ensure both the academic and social  life of  FFL students .
  2. SCFFFL guarantees that the opinions and suggestions of the student community are forwarded to the decision-making bodies of FFL and the University of Tirana (UT) as the case may be.
  3. SCFFL promotes student participation in academic, research and social activities that take place at FFL and beyond.
  4. It enables a communication link between the administration and the students, concretely representing the voice of the students in the faculty.
  5. SCFFL expresses opinions and gives proposals on all issues related to student life at FFL and UT, such as; academic programs, regulations, student participation in research programs, organization of various social, cultural, artistic and sports activities.
  • How does it work?
  1. SCFFL operates according to the principles of understanding and harmony between members, students, staff and administrative  support  staff of FFL.
  2. The Student Council consists of 5 representatives (1 representative for each year of the two study cycles) democratically elected by the students themselves in the election process. The current Student Council was selected by the students in the elections of 16.12.2021 and was constituted on 04.02.2022.
  3. Also, for the most efficient functioning of the Council, so that each of the students can be heard, each group has its own democratically elected representative, who represents it in the Student Council of FFL.
  4. Duties of a group representative:
  5. To discuss and try to find solutions for student problems that may arise;
  6. To inform students of the group they represent for very made decision made and every given announcement .
  7. To contribute to students for being active and improving their organizational and leadership skills;
  8. To create such structures that will serve for the continuous information of students and to take care of their progress;
  9. To develop various services that will help in student life;
  10. To encourage students to improve their academic and cultural skills;
  11. To act in accordance with the UT statute, regulations and other provisions in force.