Quality and Curricula
“What is important is not the quantity of your knowledge but its  quality. You can know many things without knowing the most important.”
“Leon Tolstoi”

About Us

The Faculty of Foreign Languages, with Internal Order no. 77, dated 07.02.2021, established the Quality Assurance Unit of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. The Quality Assurance Unit is an  academic assistant structure with an administrative character, whose duties and responsibilities are defined in the Regulation on Quality Assurance in UT, article 26, UT Statute 2018 as well as The Decision of Council of Ministers (VKM) no. 531, dated 11.09.2018 “On the Approval of the Quality Code of Higher Education”, point VI. Since its creation, IQAU has been actively engaged in planning and implementing  monitoring activities aimed at quality assessment.

Internal Quality Assurance Unit (IQAU)

The Internal Quality Assurance Unit is responsible for quality control and improvement. IQAU develops standards for internal quality assurance in accordance with the Quality Code. The unit carries out periodic evaluations for teaching and research-scientific activities. An integral task of this unit is also the realization of the student questionnaire at the end of each semester, on the quality of teaching for the subjects of each offered program.

Quality Assessment in the framework of the Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions and Study programs

The Faculty of Foreign Languages has successfully passed the internal quality assessment process in the framework of the accreditation of Bachelor programs in all the profiles it offers, in accordance with the law and by-laws in force.

FFL has started the accreditation process for the Master’s programs in Foreign Language Teacher for Upper Secondary Education and Technical-Literary Translation and Interpretation.  


Internal Quality Assurance Unit

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Head of Internal Quality Assurance Unit
Sema Hysa

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Specialist of Internal Quality Assurance Unit
Manjola Gjidiaj

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