Department of Spanish Language


In 2005, the introduction of Spanish language instruction, encompassing both Spanish as a second foreign  language  and elective subject during the initial three years of study at the Bachelor level within the Faculty of Foreign Languages, represented a novel development.

Subsequently, in the academic year 2008-2009, the establishment of the “Hispanic Language, Literature, and Civilization” specialization was inaugurated under the purview of the Italian Language Department.

In January 2009, formalizing the commitment to Spanish language education, the inception of the Spanish Language Department was formalized through an agreement between the University of Tirana (UT) Rectorate and the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This agreement provided for the appointment of four full-time lecturers and one full-time Spanish lecturer.

Presently, the department comprises eight full-time lecturers, among whom one holding  title of Professor Doctor, six holding the title of Doctor and one  pursuing doctoral studies, 9 part-time lecturers  as well as 1 Spanish lecturer.

Furthermore, Spanish language instruction extends beyond the confines of the department, serving as a secondary language option for various branches within the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Currently, there are approximately 80 students enrolled in both the first and second cycle of studies. Offering a diverse curriculum, the Department of Spanish Language provides three degrees namely:

The first cycle of Bachelor studies

Bachelor’s Degree in "Hispanic Language, Literature and Civilization"

Second Cycle of Studies, Master of Science

Master of Science in "Language, Intercultural and Touristic Communication”

Master of Science in "Technical - Literary Translation and Interpretation"


Department of Spanish Language

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