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In 2005 it entered for the first time in the curriculum of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, (and is one of the newest offers offered by UT), Spanish as a second foreign language and as an elective subject in the three years of the first cycle of studies.

In 2008-2009, the branch ” Hispanic Language, Literature and Civilization ” was opened , attached to the Department of Italian Language.

Then, in January 2009, the opening of the Spanish Language Department was signed with 4 effective lecturers, 1 Spanish lecturer, according to the agreement between the Rectorate of UT and the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Currently, the department consists of   eight  internal professors among them:  one  holds the title of Professor Doctor; 5  hold the title Doctor; and  2  are in the process of defending the scientific degree of Doctor; 8  part-time lecturers; as well as   Spanish lecturer.

Spanish is also offered as a second language for other branches of FGJH with about 80 students in the first and second cycle. The Department of Spanish Language is headed by ” Hispanic Language, Literature and Civilization “. Also in the second cycle there is a scientific master specialization “Language and Intercultural and Tourist Communication”. This year, work is being done to offer the branch of Teaching in Master of Science. Students of the Master of Science in Literary Technical Translation and Interpretation, at FGJH, have the opportunity to choose the subject of Spanish language as C language, while students of the Master of Language and Intercultural and Tourist Communication, have the opportunity to choose the subject: Spanish Culture and Literature.

Our department for three years has also been the Postgraduate Examination Center DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera), a degree in Spanish as a Foreign Language, which is internationally recognized organized by the Cervantes Institute, based in Rome in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Tirana.

The first cycle of Bachelor studies

Bachelor in Spanish with a profile in "Spanish Language, Literature and Civilization"

Second Cycle of Studies, Master of Science

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Department of Spanish Language

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