Department of French Language


Established in 1965, the Department of French Language has a very rich experience in teaching and research at home and abroad. Over the years, prominent French language professors such as Nonda Bulka, Vedat Kokona, Petrit Sinani, Medi Agalliu, etc taught here. For years, French lecturers have been engaged by this department in making an important contribution to the training of French language students. Talented French language teachers, translators/interpreters, journalists, linguists graduated here, nowadays, they are distinguished figures in the social and political life of Albanian society. Professors of this department are trained and qualified over the years in the best universities of France, conveying to students the latest development of science. Furthermore, they are engaged in national and international projects to promote and increase the quality of the department. Currently, the department consists of 6 Professors, 6 Associated Professors, 6 Doctors and 2 Doctoral Students, with a wealth of experience not only in the field of teaching, but also in the drafting of university texts, various dictionaries, translation of literary and technical texts, linguistic studies, training, etc.

First-Cycle Study Programs (Bachelor) and Second-Cycle Study Programs (Master) best meet the demands of the Albanian labor market. They provide not only the acquisition of French language and cultural elements, but also a specialization in the fields of: Language and Communication, Translation and Interpretation, French Language, Literature and Civilization” for the first cycle of studies.

While the second-cycle study programs are dedicated to profiles: French Language Teacher for upper secondary education, technical-literary translation and interpretation, as well as Intercultural and Touristic Communication.

First - Cycle Study Programs, Bachelor

Bachelor’s Degree in “Language and Communication”


Bachelor’s Degree in “French Language, Literature Civilization”


Bachelor’s Degree in “Translation and Interpretation”


Second - Cycle Study Programs, Master

Master of Science in “French Language Teaching for Upper Secondary Education”


Master of Science in “Technical – Literary Translation and Interpretation”


Master of Science in “Language, Intercultural and Touristic Communication”



Department of French Language

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