Department of French Language

Short history

Established in 1965 The French Language Department has a very rich experience in teaching and research at home and abroad. Over the years, this department has had in its ranks prominent professors of French language such as Nonda Bulka, Vedat Kokona, Petrit Sinani, Medi Agalliu etc. For years, the department has also engaged French lecturers who have made an important contribution to the molding of French language students. The French Language Department has produced talented French language teachers, translators / interpreters, journalists, linguists as well as prominent staff in the social and political life of Albanian society. The professors of the department have been trained and qualified over the years in the best universities of France, conveying to the students the latest word in science.

Titles of the 3-year first cycle diplomas offered by the French Language Department:

Bachelor in French

Bachelor in French with profile "Language and Communication"

Bachelor in French with profile "French Language, Literature and Civilization"

Bachelor in French with profile "Translation and Interpretation"

Second Cycle Diploma Titles

Master of Science "French Language Teacher for Higher Secondary Education"

The student with such training can work as:

-Teachers near nine-year schools

-Teachers near high schools

-Teachers at language centers

Master of Science in "Language and Intercultural and Tourism Communication"

The student with such training can work as:

– Intercultural mediator at institutions in the field of cultural relations between Albania and foreign countries.

-Operator or head of international relations at various institutions or non-governmental organizations.

-Communication specialist at public relations departments in various enterprises.

-Journalist at various media in the field of history, culture, etc.

-Employees at a travel agency, tour guides at various agencies, museums or exhibitions, etc.

Master of Science in "Technical Translation - Literary and Interpretation"

The student with such training can work as:

-Translator of specialty texts in the field of justice, economics, etc.

-Translator of pragmatic texts in various media

-Interpret conferences

-Translator near publishing houses

-Translator or interpreter at translation agencies

Departament’s contacts

Department of French Language

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