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The Department of English (formerly the Department of English) was established in September 1960 at the initiative of Professor Skender Luarasi, its first head until 1965. Initially the curriculum aimed primarily at preparing future English language teachers and language of Albanian literature for high schools and eighth grade.

In 1972, work began on drafting new curricula, as well as basic textbooks for many new subjects, enabling the formation not only as a consolidated administrative unit, but also an independent teaching and scientific unit. The pedagogues focused not only on the field of teaching and qualification of English teachers, but also on the field of their further qualification, especially in the field of defending dissertations, compiling various dictionaries, translations, etc.

In order to better meet the demands of the time, as well as those of the labor market for profiled specialists, during the period 1997-1998, following previous efforts, the English Department carried out for the first time the development of plans and new curricula, which provided, in addition to the preparation of English language teachers, the introduction of two new profiles, namely Translation and Interpretation and British and American Studies. As a result, since 1998, the English Department offers three different profiles: the teaching, translation and interpretation profile, as well as that of British and American studies.

Currently the Department has 7 Professors, 3 Associate Professors, 35 Doctors of Science, 4 Doctoral students, 1 Master of Science (Postmaster Studies) who, thanks to the formation and qualification of the highest level, in addition to teaching in the Department, are involved in various activities of an implementing nature in areas such as translation and interpretation, publications, preparation of monographs and textbooks, dictionaries, consulting of various linguistic, didactic and pedagogical natures, management of national and international projects, etc.

From the English department are graduated students, who are distinguished by their contribution in various and diverse fields of professional and social activity, such as in the public sector, mainly in policy making, translation and interpretation, journalism, diplomacy, teaching at the level of various, etc., as well as the non-public one, through their successful businesses.

Undergraduate study programs, Bachelor

Bachelor in English

Bachelor in English, which includes general education courses and introductory modules in the field of English language teaching.

Bachelor in English with profile "Translation and Interpretation"

Bachelor in Translation and Interpretation, which includes general education courses and training modules in the field of translation and interpretation.

Bachelor in English with a profile "British and American Studies"

Bachelor in British and American Studies, which includes general education courses and introductory modules in the field of cultural studies and British and American institutions.

Master of Science programs

Master of Science in "English Language Teacher for Higher Secondary Education"

English Language Teacher, in which English language teachers are trained for high school.

Master of Science in "Technical Translation - Literary and Interpretation"

Technical-literary translation and interpretation, in which translators and / or interpreters are prepared for public and private institutions, multilingual and multicultural mediators in international organizations and organizations, foreign and domestic associations, public administration clerk, employees of various NGOs, in local government structures, mediators in public relations, escorts for tourism groups at home and abroad, translators and / or journalists for print and electronic media, multilingual and multicultural mediators in the field of international relations and diplomacy.

Master of Science in "Language and Intercultural and Tourism Communication"

Language and intercultural and tourist communication, in which intercultural mediators are prepared in the field of cultural relations, in international organizations, foreign and domestic associations, public administration employees, in local government structures, translators in the field of culture, escorts for tourist groups within and abroad, managers of travel agencies, employees in print and electronic media, especially in the fields of culture, history, interlinguistics, etc.

Professional Master

Professional Master in "Translation" with "Translator" profile

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Department of English language

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