Department of Italian Language


The Italian Language Department was established in 1984 with the aim of preparing future Italian language teachers as well as spreading and recognizing Italian culture and worldview. The first professors who taught in the new Department were: Reshat Konçi, Shpëtim Çuçka, Roza Dishnica, Zef Çeli, Kopi Kyçuku, Pëllumb Xhufi, Qemal Xhomo, Dina Kotherja, Eliana Paço, Liri Tirana, etc. Over the years the Department expanded with graduate professors in both its banks and in Italy. Graduates in 1987-1998 received the title “Italian language teacher for high school”. Since 1992, Italian lecturers Paola Prizzi, Lucia Nadin, Giovanni Falcetta, Simona Di Bucci, Gianni Sega, Roberto Cincotta, Angela Costandini have contributed with their work. , which recognizes and certifies the Italian language, which is internationally recognized and which serves anyone who wants not only to continue their studies in Italy but also employment at home and abroad.

First Cycle of Bachelor Studies

In the academic year 2005-2006, after a 2-year work for the drafting of new curricula according to the Bologna Charter, the department worked for the realization and preparation of the awarding of 3 diplomas of the 3-year first cycle:

Bachelor in Italian Language

Bachelor in Italian with profile "Translation and Interpretation"

Bachelor in Italian Language with profile “Italian Language, Literature and Civilization"

Bachelor in Italian Language with profile "Language and Communication"

Cycle II of Master studies, its directions and the impact on employment

Master of Science in "Italian Language Teacher for Higher Secondary Education"

The title of the study  “Teacher” includes an in-depth didactic-pedagogical training and specialized as a teacher of Italian language. The employment opportunities offered by this degree are as follows:

Italian language teacher at all schools: Public, Private

Foreign language centers

Italian Institute of Culture (IIC)

Various institutions related to education:

Ministry of Education and Sports

Curriculum Institute

Pedagogical institutes

Education directorates

Master of Science in "Technical Translation - Literary and Interpretation"

The title of the study  “Technical-literary translation and interpretation”  provides the student with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of translation, linguistic stylistics, and text analysis. The employment opportunities offered by this degree are as follows:

Përkthyes freelance

Official translator recognized by the Ministry of Justice at the Albanian state institutions (court, prosecutor, notary, prime minister, minister, parliament, presidency, etc.)

Translators by:

editorial offices of newspapers or magazines

radio and television

publishing houses

translation agencies

NGOs, humanitarian organizations, or Italian companies that have their enterprises in Albania.

Diplomatic Representations and Italian bodies in Albania, including the Italian Embassy and Consulate, the Italian Institute of Culture, the Italian Chamber of Commerce, etc.

Interpreter at conferences, seminars, work-shops or national and international events where the service of an interpreter is needed.

Master of Science in "Language and Intercultural and Tourism Communication"

The title of the study  “Language, intercultural and tourist communication”,  aims to give students some basic knowledge about the notions and methods of communication strategies, with their features and problems related to contemporary ways of promoting a product or activity. The employment opportunities offered by this degree are as follows:

Employment in all public and private institutions

Employment near:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Tourism

Public and private event organizing agencies

State and private televisions

Travel agencies. Tour operator (guide) inside and outside the country.

Hotel, culinary sector, etc.

Departament’s contacts

Department of Italian Language

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