Master of Science in “English Language Teaching for Upper Secondary Education”

Master of Science in “English Language Teaching for Upper Secondary Education”

Academic title of the study Master of Science in “English Language Teaching for Upper Secondary Education"
Study cycle Second Cycle Studies
Name and status of the institution University of Tirana, Public Institution
Language used in teaching/exams Albanian
Official duration of the study program Two years
Type of study Full-time

Objectives and formative activities of the study program

Master of Science program in “English Language Teaching for Upper Secondary Education” is offered at the Faculty of Foreign Languages by the Department of English Language which aims to prepare teachers for upper secondary education, specialized in teaching a foreign  language , able to practice the new profession effectively and to learn throughout life.

The program has the following objectives:

  • To offer an in-depth theoretical education in the subjects for which the student prepares as a teacher;
  • To form competences for the fulfillment of different roles of the teacher;
  • To develop scientific research skills in the field of education;
  • To develop skills for reflection and professional development.
  • High competence in using the first and second foreign language;
  • In-depth competence to teach in various contexts, in upper secondary education;
  • In-depth competence in the recognition and implementation of different teaching techniques that enable the active involvement of students and facilitate the acquisition of a foreign language;
  • In-depth competence in the use of teaching technologies;
  • High ability in reading and evaluating methodical literature and current research in this field;
  • High ability in involvement in research work in the field of teaching;
  • High ability in adapting and creating new techniques in the field of teaching;
  • High ability in promoting social/cultural values, as well as in the development and intercultural education of students. 
Professional practice

Professional practice constitutes an important element in the curricula of the Master of Science study program in “English Language Teaching for Upper Secondary Education”. The practice enables the use of the knowledge acquired in the theoretical courses, in a practical and professional context. The teaching practice of this program takes place in educational institutions of higher secondary education, public and non-public schools of pre-university education, from here on, schools. The practice aims to develop foreign language teaching skills, practical application of acquired teaching methods, as well as to test and evaluate the knowledge and convictions of students for teaching. The practice aims to train students in teaching activities, familiarization with educational policies and the current problems of the school and education as a whole.

Opportunities for employment and professional qualification

Students with such education are offered opportunities for employment in:

  • Any type of educational institution such as pre-university education schools (public and private).
  • Institutions specialized in the field of education or institutions related to education.
  • Governmental and non-governmental organizations that operate at the local, regional or national level and that have educational issues as the object of their activity.
  • Private educational institutions such as foreign language centers.

PROGRAMME STRUCTURE Master of Science in “English Language Teaching for Upper Secondary Education"

Master of Science in “English Language Teaching for Upper Secondary Education"
▪ Basic pedagogical training
1. 1. Teaching Methodology and Critical Thinking a.Teaching approaches b.Critical thinking 7 I/I 45
2. Developmental Psychology 4 I/I 45
3. Educational Psychology 4 I/I 45
4. Learning and Classroom Management 6 I/II 45
5. Curriculum Development 4 I/I 45
6. Assessment of the Student 5 I/II 60
Total 30 285
Specialized Training for Subject Teacher
Course in Subject Didactic Training
1. English Language Teaching Methodology 6 I/I 60
2. Psycholinguistics 4 I/I 40
3. Applied Language 6 I/II 60
4. Intercultural Education 4 I/II 40
5. ICT in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning 6 I/II 60
Total 26 260
Additional Subjects for the Specialized Training
1. Foreign language C (Advanced level) 6 I/I 60
2. Pedagogical Translation and Corrective Grammar. 4 II/I 40
Total 10 100
Professional Practice 12 II/II 240
Total 12 120
Research Training
Research Training Subjects
1. Research Methodology and Research in the Pedagogical Context of a Foreign Language 6 II/I 60
2. Theory and Practice in Thesis Writing 6 II/I 60
3. Foreign Language for Specific Purposes 6 II/I 60
Total 18 180
Diploma Theses 24 II/II
Total 24
Total in 2 years 120 1155