Department of German Language


The University of Tirana and with it the Faculty of History – Philology, were founded in 1957.

In 1992, German was opened as a separate branch at the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​(until then at the Faculty of History and Philology). The department initially consisted of two lecturers, the head of the department and the DAAD lecturer, who paved the way for the subsequent sending of other DAAD lecturers and a wider cooperation between the institutions.

Language practice courses were initially offered as a program, which began to change from 1996-1997. In this year, the students were divided into two directions: “Teacher”, the traditional direction, and “translation and interpretation”.

First Cycle of Bachelor Studies

In the academic year 2004/2005, the Bologna process began to be implemented at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, ie also in the German language department. According to this process, this department offers students three directions in the Bachelor and issues the following diplomas:

Bachelor in German Language

Bachelor in German with profile "Translation and Interpretation"

Bachelor in German with profile "Language and Communication"

Bachelor in German Language with profile "Language, Literature and Civilization German-speaking"

Departament’s contacts

Department of German Language

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Second Cycle of Master of Science Studies

Master of Science in "German Language Teacher for Higher Secondary Education"

Master of Science in "Language and Intercultural and Tourism Communication"

Master of Science in "Technical Translation - Literary and Interpretation"