Career Counseling

Career  Counseling  Office

Career Counseling Office offers a wide range of services and resources   to the FFL students to be well-prepared for the labor market, to find suitable jobs with their field of study.

Some of the actions and goals of this office entail:

Fostering Student Engagement: This is a key element in helping students find employment opportunities. Advising and helping students in building their careers is important.

Professional Practice: Organizing and monitoring professional practices is an essential way for students to gain valuable experience in their field and create contacts with potential employers.

Work Fair: Work Fair is a good opportunity to meet representatives of companies and organizations that want to hire employees, to exchange contacts and learn more about employment opportunities.

Guidance and Counseling for Students: The Career Counseling Office is engaged in guiding students about many important topics such as creating a CV, writing a Motivation Letter, and preparing for job interviews, necessary to improve job application skills.

Some reasons  why these guidances  are important entail:

A Good CV: A good CV is a document about your education, work experience, skills and passions. Through a good CV you can present all this information in a clear way and influence positively to the employer.

A Motivation Letter: A Motivation Letter is a document that gives more explanation about your interests, motivation, and why you want to apply for a particular position. If a Motivation Letter is written clearly and coherently it can make the difference between one applicant and another.

Preparing for an Interview:  Interviewing is a critical step in the job application process. Good preparation for the interview helps you to be able to answer the questions and appear as a confident applicant.

Promotion of the Labor Market: Career Counseling Office  aims to connect students with employment opportunities in their field of study and increase the number of potential employment.

Guidance and assistance provided by the Career Counseling Office have a great impact on preparing students for the labor market and increasing the chance of success in finding their first job or developing their career.

The mission of the Career Counselling Office includes the engagement of students in:

FFL'' Work Fair''

Employment Opportunities

Work & Study Promotion