Call for International Scientific Conference “Didactics of Foreign Languages and Cultures: From Language Policies to Approaches for Multilingual Competence

The Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tirana, organizes the International Scientific Conference “Didactics of foreign languages and cultures: From language policies to approaches for Multilingual Competence” in cooperation with:
  • University of Tirana
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages
  • Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie
  • University of Poitiers, France
  • Ionian University, Greece
  • University  of Warsaw, Poland
  • College AAB, Pristina, Kosovo
  • University of Pristina, Kosovo
  • University “Fan S. Noli”, Korca
  • Confucius Institute, University of Tirana
  • University “Ismail Qemali”, Vlora
  • University “Luigj Gurakuqi”, Shkodra
  • University “Aleksander Moisiu”, Durres
This conference invites scholars, different stakeholders in the field of teaching, such as policymakers, institutional leaders, social workers, trainers, teachers who wish to put the issue of foreign language didactics at the center of research, professionalism and political action and participate in a joint reflection event on the latest scientific developments and professional experiences in the field of didactics of foreign languages and cultures.
Date: 23-24 October 2023
Location: Faculty of Foreign Languages, Tirana

Topics of the conference:

  • Multilingualism in the Balkan context and the profile of language education policy
  • Language policy at pre-university level
  • Language policy at university level
  • Multilingualism in the classroom and teaching and learning practices
  • Innovation and digitization in foreign language teaching/learning: current practices
  • Initial and continual professional development of foreign languages teachers conform to the current standards for the teacher profession.
  • Quality of foreign language teaching and assessment.
Please click on the following link to submit your abstracts:
Important dates:
Abstract submission: June 30th, 2023
Notification of acceptance: July 15th, 2023

Conference languages: Albanian/Foreign language.

Conference is planned to be held in person and “online”.