Forum I

First national forum of Albanian Francophone Women, dated 20 March, 2017

This organization, with the topic “Achievements and challenges of francophone women in different fields of their engagement”, was carried out in the framework of the Spring Festival of Francophonie, and was supported by the French Embassy and the France-Albania Chamber of Commerce. The event had a rich panel of Albanian francophone women engaged in politics, the legal field, education, business, literature, art and journalism.

Some of the issues discussed were: the exchange of experiences and topics that affected the role of women and efforts to gain their rights in Albania.

A first forum which then aims to develop and further enrich itself in participation and contribution thus creating the network of francophone women engaged in Albania.

In this first meeting, the aim was to highlight concrete successful actions and the role of the Albanian French-speaking women in the social-economic field for social development and transformation.

The objective of the forum was the exchange of experiences of contribution for assisting cultural development, democracy and peace, assisting science and knowledge, but also reflection on the ways of future contributions to guarantee women a common and active citizenship.

Encouraging a spirit of devotion among young women was the main goal of the activity.

Topics of discussion:

Francophone women in Albania and their involvement in politics to advance their rights

This topic aimed at promoting good actions for the participation of women in political life and in administrative bodies, discussion was held by:

  • Mirela KUMBARO – Minister of Culture
  • Milena HARITO – Minister of Innovation and Public Administration
  • Mimoza HAFIZI – Member of Parliament

“Francophone women and writing”

About the ways that French-speaking cultures affect their literary and journalistic creations in the problems of socio-economic, cultural life, discussion was held by:

  • Mira MEKSI – Writer
  • Diana ÇULI – Writer
  • Matilda ODOBASHI – Visual Arts Artist

Regarding the topic “Francophone women and education” discussion was held by:

  • Andromaqi HALOÇI – Professor at the University of Tirana
  • Lindita TRASHANI – President of the Association of French Teachers in Albania (APFA)

This topic focused on issues of education and training for women, on the important role of a good education of the younger generation.

“Francophone women and women’s rights” – This topic focused on the successful responsibility of francophone women in the field of law and their commitment to the advancement of women’s rights. The personal journey, the difficulties they face, efforts towards success, the progress of women’s rights in Albania and the messages to convey. Discussion was held by:

  • Ajola XOXA – Lawyer, partner of “The Partners” Legal Studio, Executive Director of the BENUSSI Institute of Legal Studies.
  • Aurela ANASTASI – Professor of Law at the University of Tirana, lawyer

“Francophone women and entrepreneurship” – This topic focused on the serious engagement of the challenge of innovation, creation and entrepreneurship starting from advice for all those who wish to create their own business one day, the discussion of which was held by:

  • Flutura XHABIJA – President of the Association of Businessmen of Albania

November 2, 2017, Bucharest

It was a very interesting closing of the Francophone Women’s Forum in Bucharest with strategic recommendations for French-speaking countries in favor of promoting women’s rights and their access to the labor market; in favor of promoting women’s entrepreneurship and innovation, in favor of women’s leadership in economic governance.

There are great actions to be followed by the Francophone Albanian Women’s Forum!