Francophone University Agency – Call 2021

Call for projects 2021 – Call for International AUF projects COVID-19.2

AUF as part of its special action plan for COVID-19, which aims to increase the contribution of AUF member universities to the development of solutions with immediate technological and/or social impact to help health systems and populations cope with difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, AUF has announced the winner of the project titled:

“The development and integration of new pedagogical and technological approaches in teaching and learning foreign languages in the pre-university education system in Albania, as a post-Covid solution” – Directed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ogerta KORUTI.

This project includes partners in the field of education and health.

  1. The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth has acted as a strategic partner not only by supporting this project, but also by deepening cooperation for the benefit of teachers and students of pre-university education.
  2. ASCAP (Agency for Quality Assurance in Pre-University Education) – being a database resource for teachers and students as well as providing expertise for project trainings.
  3. “SPERO” (Center for Health and Social Care and Support) – has provided expertise in the field of mental health support for the development of trainings. This center will assist randomly selected teachers with coaching sessions to support them emotionally and psychologically after the COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. Chambers of Commerce facilitating connections with businesses.
  5. Associations of language teachers have facilitated the connection with teachers in the pre-university system and have also been strategic partners in the implementation of project activities.

During the 1 (one) year extension of this project, the following were possible:

  1. Drafting, development and distribution of the questionnaire;
  2. Publication of data in activities such as: round tables and institutional meetings for the presentation of the Guide to Technology and Innovation in Teaching and Learning for teachers in pre-university education and promotional brochures for the training offered by FFL.
  3. Trainings such as:
  • New methodological approaches resulting from Covid-19
  • Integration of new technologies and e-learning
  • Mental health support for teachers
  • Technology as a tool for scientific research
  • Technology as a tool for the development of language skills
  • Technology as an assessment tool

Competitions for the integration of technologies by FFL students, where three students were winners.

Student competition “My fist class taught through technology”


Acquaintance with all the challenges and needs faced by teachers of pre-university education was achieved through the compilation and distribution of a questionnaire by the Faculty of Foreign Languages. By analyzing the findings of this questionnaire, it was possible to get to know the topics that the teachers themselves are interested in being trained at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. As a result, the Faculty of Foreign Languages has acquired the right to offer training in the framework of the continuous professional development of educational employees, licensed by MES with No. 555/68 Prot., dated 30.05.2022 and by Decision No. 176 dated 20.05.2022 of the Accreditation Commission of Training Programs/Modules. FFL offers 10 accredited training modules with credits for teachers of pre-university education.

Publication of Training Modules

Publication of the Guideline of Technology and Innovation in Teaching and Learning for the teachers of the pre-university education.