Linguistics-Didactics Research Group

Linguistics – Didactics
Leader: Dr. Alban Foçi
Email: [email protected]

Linguistics-Didactics research group of  Turkish Language aims to work in the direction of teaching Turkish as a foreign language. Meanwhile, its focus is the realization of scientific meetings, the promotion of books and the organization of international congresses in the field of didactics, philology, etc.

The intended goals of the group: Review of the subject programs for the next academic year, updating them in accordance with the requirements of the time and covering them with qualified internal and external staff.

Scientific news updates of the group will be fulfilled through subscriptions to “Turcophony”, “Afro-euroaznatike”and  “Osmanli Medeniyeti” magazine. Promotion of  lecturers publications of our  department is also part of the activities of this group.

Group Activities:

  • Scientific meeting with the topic : “Literary Reviews ” on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between  Albania and Turkey organized by the Department of Slavic and Balkan Languages – Turkish Language Branch;
  • Workshop on “Innovation and problems in translations from Turkish to Albanian”, with Turkish lecturers;
  • Summer school with the topic “Paleography and Calligraphy of the Turkish Language”
  • Winter school with the topic: “Arabic language, culture and civilization” and the relevant conference dedicated to December 18, International  Arabic Language Day, organized by the Department of Slavic and Balkan Languages – in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
  • The 3rd International Scientific Congress of regional studies, “Turkish Language in the Balkan Area” organized by the Department of Slavic and Balkan Languages – Turkish Language Branch in cooperation with other international universities;

Scientific activities related to International  Turkish Language Day : Organized by Turkish Language Branch with the participation of lecturers  and students  of  relevant subjects from Turkish Universities.