Dr. Drita Rira

Adress: Rr Elbasanit Tirana, 1001 Albania

Dr. Drita Rira

Vice Dean

Vice Dean for the Second Cycle of Studies
Erasmus + Academic and External Relations Coordinator


Dr. Drita Rira


Vice Dean|Lecturer at the Department of French Language

Vice Dean for the second cycle of studies

Academic coordinator of Erasmus + and international relations

Dr. Drita Rira is a full time staff at the Department of French Language, Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tirana. She has been working for  19 years as a lecturer and researcher.

After graduating in Translation and Interpretation, in 2001, postgraduate and doctoral studies have been related to issues of terminology, international relations, the lexicon of politics, translation and interpretation. Areas of teaching and research expertise include disciplines related to issues of terminology of international relations, international organisations, lexicon of politics, translation and interpretation, tourism communication. She has participated in national and international conferences and published a number of scientific articles. She has participated in several international research projects that affect aspects of teaching and scientific research in the field of foreign language didactics, tourism communication. Dr. Drita Rira has performed Erasmus+  teaching mobility in Italy and Bulgaria. She is currently the Vice Dean for Projects as well as Erasmus + academic coordinator.