Prof. As. Dr. Sofia Delijorgji

Prof. As. Dr. Sofia Delijorgji


Prof. As. Dr. Sofia DELIJORGJI is currently full-time employed at the Department of Greek Language, Faculty of Foreign Languages at the University of Tirana. She has 20 years of work experience as a lecturer and researcher. She graduated in Greek Language, Literature and Civilization at “Eqerem Cabej” University, Gjirokastër, in 1999 and completed her post-graduate studies in 2006 with the subject of Phraseological Parallels of Greek and Albanian (for body parts), at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Foreign Languages. She completed her doctoral studies in 2011 on the topic: “Lexicosemantic interference of Greek in Albanian and Albanian in Greek”, at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Foreign Languages, then in 2016 she received the degree of Prof. As. Dr. at the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

Her areas of teaching and research expertise include: Linguistics and communication (Morphology, lexicology, dialectology and intercultural tourism communication).

She has participated in several national/international projects within the country and abroad as well as research work in the field (Dropull, Sarandë) for the collection of dialectal and folklore materials of the area.

Participant in the project financed by the Onasis foundation: “Dlalectologlcαl fieldwork research ln the Greek speaking areas of southern Albania” a program of the Department of Slavic and Balkan Languages, School of Foreign Languages, University of Tirana, financed by Alexander s. Onassis Benefit Foundation.

She cooperated with the University of Sofia, ST. Klement Ohridski in the framework of teaching, where a lecture cycle of 30 hours of studies (Bachelor Degree) took place, March 2015.

She has served in leadership positions: Head of the Greek Language Department, Chair of the Permanent Curriculum Committee, etc.

She has published: Author of the textbooks “Η γλώσσα μου 5” and “Η γλώσσα μου 6” for students of the Greek Ethnic Minority in Albania, approved by the Ministry of Education of Albania and published by SHBLU currently BOTEM. 2012