Daniela Hasa

+355 67 27 58 412
Rruga « Ali Demi », P. Santara, Shk 1 Ap 4, Tiranë


Dr. Daniela Hasa is currently working as a full-time lecturer at the Department of English Language, Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tirana. She is currently teaching Discourse Analysis, Varieties of English Language for Bachelor students and Integration of Technology into English Language Teaching to Master students, who are also considered as pre-service English teachers. She is keen on introducing innovative teaching methods and targeting the improvements of those students’ skills that are considered as 21st Century Skills. She has managed to complete successfully several online courses in the context of her professional development, which has had a direct impact on her teaching and learning strategies and instructions. Some of these courses comprise the E-learning programme provided by the American English Institute and lately TESOL managed courses.

Dr. Daniela is positive and possesses the necessary communication skills, which help her work collaboratively in a team for a more effective English language teaching. She has also contributed to the drafting of curricula and syllabi for both undergraduate and graduate studies. She looks forward to joining the English teaching communities, thus, a fruitful collaboration has been with the visiting Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Aileen Hale during the academic year 2018-2019. They successfully introduced the idea of PBL learning with master students and during the annual conference of the English Department their projects were introduced. Dr. Daniela has been part of several working groups set up for various purposes at the department and faculty level as well as providing her expertise in other technical working groups in the area of English language teaching. She has been cooperating for the drafting of English teachers’ professional development courses and has successfully completed two training courses as a trainer and assessor.

Dr. Daniela Hasa is eager to work in any environment that promotes multicultural values and respect for human rights.