Dr. Elvis Bramo

Dr. Elvis Bramo


Dr. Elvis Bramo is employed at the Department of Greek Language, Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tirana. He has 16 years of work experience as a lecturer and researcher. After graduating in 2005, in 2006, postgraduate and doctoral studies related to linguistics in the direction of translation.

Areas of teaching and research expertise include: Translation & Interpreting, History of Greece and History of Greek Civilization.

He has participated in several national projects in the field of linguistics organized by the Institute of Albanianology and the Academy of Albanian Studies

He has served in leadership positions in the organization of the election commissions of the University of Tirana.

Has published:

Scientific article in the newsletter of the Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest

Scientific article in the scientific bulletin of the University of Shkodra “Luigj Gurakuqi”