Prof. Assoc. Dr. Irena Kapo (Pata)

Faculty of Foreign Languages

Prof. Assoc. Dr. Irena Kapo (Pata)


Irena Kapo (Pata) is an Associate Professor at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Department of English Language, Tirana, Albania. She holds an MA in Communication Studies (2004) and a PhD in Linguistics (2013), with a particular interest in English loans in Albanian language. In 2020 she became a member of GLAD (Global Anglicism Database) Network and a contributor for the Albanian database ever since. She is also a member and contributor in the EUROPHRAS project on ‘The Phraseology of English from a contrastive perspective’.

Other areas of interest include Sociolinguistics, Lexicology and Communication.

Primary publications

The rising of ‘Alblish’ (Albanian + English) – a data collection and analysis of Anglicisms in the Albanian Language, Frontiers in Communication, Language Sciences, 2022;

Lexical and Semantic Aspects of English Borrowings in the Albanian Language, ‘Albanian Studies’ Journal, Vol. 2, Academy of Albanian Studies., 2021;

Morphological Adaptation of Anglicisms in the Albanian Press, European Journal of Language and Literature, v. 9, n. 1, p. 143-154, 2018;

The Impact of English on the Albanian post-communist written press, Monograph, Botimet DRITAN, Tirana, 2016;

Loran Gami is a university educator with twenty years of experience in designing courses and teaching in undergraduate and graduate level at the Department of English (University of Tirana). His field of study is Literature and Literary Theory. He has taught several graduate and undergraduate courses at the Department of English, including British Literature I (Chaucer through Romanticism), British Literature II (Victorian Literature and Modernism), Theory of Literature, English through Poetry and Drama, British Literature and Culture, Business English, and English as a Second Language.

He holds a BA in English (British and American Studies), an MA in English Literature, and a PhD in World Literature (2013) from the University of Tirana. In July 2022 he has earned the Associate Professorship from the University of Tirana (Department of English). His research work in the field of literature and humanities includes ten scholarly articles published in prestigious European peer-reviewed journals, four chapters in volumes of selected articles in the field of literature and culture, and several conference presentations focusing on literary studies. He has also been a recipient of a research grant funded by the US Department of State at George Washington University (Washington DC, USA). 

Loran Gami has also worked as a freelance translator from English into Albanian and Albanian into English with an experience of twenty-two years.