FFL, the Scientific Journal of the Faculty of Foreign Languages opens the call for manuscripts/reviews for issue 4 of the journal. Manuscripts/reviews should be sent to the journal’s email address: [email protected]. The deadline for sending is 15.09.2022.



FFL publishes only original papers that bring new and important knowledge to scientific research.

Manuscripts/reviews must be submitted in the Albanian language.

Submission of manuscript/reviews implies that the work presented in them has not been previously published, and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

If the manuscript/review is accepted for publication it cannot be published in the same form elsewhere without first obtaining written permission from FFL.

The writing must be clear, understandable and grammatically correct.

The authors bear responsibility for the scientific side and originality of the materials they present. Cases of plagiarism (if found) will be reported to both the author and the relevant authorities.




The manuscript should contain the elements shown below.

Title: It should be as concise and clear as possible.

Names of authors: They must be complete and followed by the institution where the author belongs as well as the email address.

Keywords: 4-5 carefully chosen words that reflect the subject of the paper should be presented.

Summary: Must present the essence of the paper and the conclusions; it should be around 150-200 words. The summary must be presented in English.

Introduction: Should briefly describe the basis for the submitted work. The objectives, the reasons for undertaking the study and its importance should also be indicated.

Materials and Methods: The materials and research methods on which the study is based must be presented in detail. The information must be sufficient to allow the work to be replicated by others.

Results and Discussions: Results should be clear and illustrated in tables, graphs (where necessary) and examples. The results of the study should be statistically analyzed and based on them draw conclusions according to statistical reliability. The implications of the presented results should be discussed in full.

Conclusions: should be directly related to the results obtained. They should not be speculative and generalized from literature or general and spontaneous knowledge.

Bibliography: Literature sources should be listed numerically alphabetically based on the last name of the first author. The paper should contain a reasonable number of literature sources (15-20). If a source is cited ‘in press’ it means that thE paper has been accepted for publication. Manuscripts not accepted for publication cannot be cited. References from the Internet are also not accepted, with the exception of scientific publications that are made online.




The manuscript should be 7 – 14 computer pages (15,000 – 30,000 characters), including the title, summary, text, bibliography, etc. The manuscript must be written in Microsoft® Office Word (version 2003 or later). The manuscript must have footnotes, endnotes automatically placed electronically. No. of the page should be located in the lower right corner of the page.

Title (Albanian, capital letters, bold, Times New Roman, 12 pt.)

Authors’ names (capital letter, bold, Times New Roman, 12 pt.)

Institution, email (normal font, Times New Roman, 11 pt.)

Summary (English, normal text, Times New Roman, 10 pt., presented in one paragraph, should not have a heading, 150 – 200 words)

Keywords (English, normal text, Times New Roman, 10 pt.)

Content of the manuscript (Albanian, Times New Roman 12 pt., Spacing between lines: 1.5

Bibliography Reference examples:

Article referrals

  • Lili J. (1940), New Italian Literature, in “Tomori”, I, n. 137, July 30, p. 3.
  • Iser E. (1979), La fiction en effet, in «Poétique», n. 39, p. 275-98.

Book references

  • Osimo B. (2004), Manuale del traduttore, Hoepli, Milan.
  • Leka F. & Simoni Z. (2000), Italian-Albanian Dictionary, Infbotues, Tirana.




FFL is a double-blind peer review journal, therefore every manuscript will be subject to the editing process. The manuscript will be reviewed by two scientific authorities, members of the journal’s scientific board, who will give their assessment in accordance with the required academic standards. Their remarks (if any) will be forwarded to the author of the manuscript to make the appropriate corrections. The final decision regarding the publication of the manuscript is made by the editorial board based on the evaluation report of the reviewers.



The purpose of the reviews is to encourage the reader to think about various study-scientific books by Albanian or foreign authors. To achieve this objective reviews should contain the following elements.

1) Information related to the content of the book being reviewed.

2) Interpretive elements that help in the analysis of the arguments treated in the book in the framework of the research field in which the study is included.

3) Evaluative elements that give a general judgment on the reviewed work.


Review formatting: (Albanian, 3,000 – 6,000 characters, Times New Roman 12 pt., Line spacing: 1.5)


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             EDITORIAL BORD

Prof. Dr. Saverina PASHO

Dr. Viola ADHAMI

Prof. Asoc. Mirela PAPA

Prof. Asoc. Maklena NIKA

Dr. Albert SHEQI

Dr.Viola GJYLI

Dr. Erta SPAHO


Ma. Brunilda KONDI (Kuqi)