Call for Applications for participation in the International Scientific Symposium on “Mehmet Akif Ersoj and his work”

The Department of Slavic and Balkan Languages, Branch of Turkish Language, within the activities of FGJH will organize the Scientific Symposium “Mehmet Akif Ersoy and his work”, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the anthem of the flag of the Republic of Turkey .
This event is one of the international scientific activities that is organized due to the fact that this year (2021) marks 100 years since the adoption of the anthem of the flag of the Republic of Turkey; The text of which came to life from the pen of the Albanian poet originating from Peja, the great writer Mehmet Akif Ersoj.
We as a department saw it appropriate to dedicate this year’s scientific event to him and to organize this meeting with international participation in honor of this poet and the universality of his work. Based on the main topic, the speakers will examine topics and themes on the life, personality and universality of the literary work of the poet and writer Mehmet Akif Ersoj. References on literary translation, the reception of Turkish literature in Albania and vice versa will always take place in references, always in the framework of the work of the great Ersoj
1. Coordinator of the event – Prof. As. Dr. Adriatik Derjaj
2. Organizational board -. Turkish Language Branch
3. Venue – Europe Hall
4. Date – 15/16 December 2021
5. Event language – all languages of the world
6. Given the Covid-19 pandemic situation and the opportunities that everyone has to participate, the presentations will take place in the auditorium and online.
7. Scientific board –
Abdiu Xhemile Prof. As. Dr
Adriatik Derjaj Prof. As.Dr
Aida Gjinali Prof. As. Dr.
Albana Shijaku
Alban Foçi Dr.
Amina Yesanka Prof.As.Dr
Anita Muho
Arshi Khan Prof. Dr
Bekir Ince Prof. As. Dr.
Besir Neziri Dr.
Daniela Stoica Prof. As. Dr.
Edlira Çerkezi Dr.
Edlira Gabili
Flavia Kaba Dr.
Gladiola Elezi Prof. As. Dr.
Hilmi Çelik Prof. As. Dr.
Marsela Likaj Dr.
Meli Shopi Prof. As. Dr.
MmirjamTeodosjevic Prof.Dr.
Mirela Papa Prof. As. Dr.
Monika Hasa Prof. As. Dr
Mustafa Yildz
Rudima Vrioni Dr
Rudina Alimerko Dr.
Serxho Rama Dr.
Spartak Kadiu Prof. As. Dr
Important dates:
– 10.12.2021 last date of applications (abstract Albanian / English up to 300 words, 5 key words)
– 12.12.2021 announcement of the agenda
– 15-16.12.2021 Symposiums
Location: Europe Hall

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