French Language Didactics Research Group

French Language Didactics Research Group

Leader: Prof. Dr. Esmeralda KROMIDHA

Email: [email protected]

French Language Didactics Research Group of the French Language Department at the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the University of Tirana has the following objectives:

  • Structuring effects  of research in the didactics of  French language within the Department of  French Language at  the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the University of Tirana;
  • Creating a synergy between research in French language didactics and field practices;

Other long-term goals for this research group are related to:

  • Deciding priority research topics according to domestic and international structural documents,
  • Identification of needs in the local context according to research topics;
  • Development of local and international partnerships with the aim of setting up joint research projects;
  • Developing research skills of master’s and doctoral students;
  • Distribution of scientific research at the local and international level;


“Digital integration in teaching / learning methodologies and teacher training challenges”. Project supported by FUA Francophone University Agency).

  • ICT for the development of collaborative work;
  • ICT for the development of project pedagogy;
  • ICT for the development of distance learning;
  • ICT for the development of distance teaching;
  • ICT for the development of online assessment and self-assessment;
  • ICT for the development of language skills of oral comprehension and expression;
  • ICT for the development of language skills of written  comprehension and expression;
  • ICT for the development of intercultural skills;
  • ICT for developing interdisciplinary skills;
  • ICT and continuous training of foreign language teachers;
  • Development of the digital culture of the student/teacher;
  • ICT and flipped classroom;
  • ICT and online tutoring;
  • ICT and the common framework of reference for ICT skills ;
  • “Integration of digital tools in flipped classroom pedagogy”. Project supported by FFL.

Research issues:

  • Assessment of the situation on the use of flipped classroom pedagogy at FFL;
  • Highlighting the types of digital tools used during teaching at FFL;
  • Assessment of the impact of flipped classroom pedagogy on student results;
  • Providing digital skills and knowledge to teaching staff and students in using flipped classroom concepts.

“ Didactics of foreign languages and cultures:  From language policies to teaching/learning approaches for the development of multilingual competence”, International Scientific Conference.

Research axes of the conference:

  • Multilingualism in the context of the Balkans and the profile of language education policy
  • Language policy at pre-university level
  • Multilingualism in the classroom and teaching/learning practices
  • Language policy at the university level
  • Innovation and digitalization in foreign language teaching/learning: current practice
  • Initial and continuing training of foreign language teachers with today’s standards of teaching.
  • Quality of foreign language teaching and its evaluation

Creation of a guidance document for teachers on the Supplementary Volume of the European Framework of Reference for Foreign Languages

Planned activities for these research issues:

  • Organization of the International Scientific Conference, October 23-24, 2023
  • Implementation of current projects;
  • Study Day for PhD students:

Topics in focus

  • Researching scientific literature and information sources;
  • Selection of the bibliography and its citation;
  • Analysis of qualitative and quantitative data;
  • Editing of the scientific paper;
  • Creation of study corpora;
  • Organization of a scientific webinar;
  • Organization of a training on “How our teachers can benefit”, “How we can become part of ECML projects in Graz”
  • Designing a booklet