French Literature Research Group

French Literature Research Group
Leader: Prof. Dr. Saverina  Pasho
Email: [email protected]

French Literature Research Group of French Language Department at The Faculty o Foreign Languages aims to familiarize with contemporary literature and authors that are not included in the FFL curricula.

This learning – research group organizes its work around a common thematic axis:


Ardiana Kastarti – Albert Memmi, portrait of a humanist. L’identité plurielle, fracturée et le rapport avec l’Autre.( portrait of a humanist. Plural, fractured identity and the relationship with the Other).

Bora  Kuçuku – Michel Houellebecq entre identité nationale,  xénophobia et politique(Michel Houellebecq between national identity, xenophobia and politics).

Laureta Mema – Assia Djebar – Assia  Djebar in  search of a liberating identity.

Lorena Dedja – Eric Emmanuel Shmitt- La quête identitaire entre exil, discrimination et alterite. ( The quest for identity between exile, discrimination and alterity).

Saverina Pasho – Modiano et la quête d’une identité absente( Patrick Modiano and the quest for the absent identity)

Drafting of the literary bulletin, called Notebook of Contemporary French and  Francophone  authors, aims to:

  • Familiarize students with the contemporary literature of the most prominent authors in the French and Francophone literary field;
  • Improve, enrich and change the current French Literature curriculum;
  • Suggest publishing houses  a selection of this literature;
  • Promote Albanian authors writing  in French;
  • Present through translation the contemporary French and Francophone literature to Albanians
  • Partners and target audience: Students and colleagues of the French Language Department, other Departments (mainly literature sections), doctoral students in the field of literature, representatives of publishing houses.

Duration: 1-2 years

Research work mode:  Preparation of  Authors  Dossier

Final product – Notebook of contemporary French and Francophone authors