German Language Literature and Civilization Research Group

German Language Literature and Civilization Research Group
Leader: Prof. Dr Jonida Bushi
Email: [email protected]

The goals of the group “Civilization of the German language” are related to providing a picture of the performance of this group that allows to recognize the level of progress made so far and to reflect on the current situation by marking the key priorities for the future, which are expected to serve as basis for the design of development strategies at group, department and faculty level, for the years 2022-2024. The priorities of this group are participation in various conferences with a focus on: history and geography of German-speaking countries, cross-cultural studies, didactics of German language civilization, etc.

The teaching-research group of civilization in the Department of German Language consists of 6 effective pedagogues where the young age predominates, with qualitative, ambitious teaching and qualification capacities. All lecturers are in the intensive process of qualification and at the same time of scientific research:

Members: Dr. Salian Çullhaj, Ma. Irida Vorpsi, Ma. Katharina Franz, Ma. Nancy Gjetani, Ma. Elfrida Bilaj and group leader Jonida Bushi.

The working group aims to analyze some indicator components / indicators of the quality of teaching that need to be further improved.

This teaching group has work practice evaluating the content of the syllabuses, their need for updating, the approach to the professional training criteria required in the labor market, the clear definition of the subject objectives, the selected literature, the methodology used for the acquisition of knowledge, evaluation method and fund of questions, etc.

Diploma topics in Master’s programs are also the focus of this group’s work.