Italian Language Teaching Research Group

Italian Language Teaching Research Group
Leader: Prof. Assoc. Dr. Aida Gjinali
Email: [email protected]

Members: Dr. Sonila Piri , Prof. Assoc. Dr. Alnida Shano , Dr. Egla Gerveni , Dr. Enkela Dalipi .

The Research Group ” Italian Language Teaching”, at the Italian Language Department, is a group of lecturers whose training is mostly in the field of didactics and aims to bring quality improvement in various aspects related not only to the teaching process and what it includes but also in the framework of scientific research to support and further develop the teaching process

The objectives/research issues aimed at by the work of this group are related to:

  • Identifying the problems of listening and speaking  skills in  learning of the Italian language;
  • Bringing new topics related to relevant subjects, bibliographic innovations and new teaching methodologies;
  • Introduction of CLIL ( Content and Language Integrated  Learning)
  • Creation of content -based projects;
  • The use of CLIL in the didactic-learning context;
  • Increasing the quality of teaching etc…

To realize its goals, this research group has designed the project entitled:

“The benefit of the competences related to the ability to listen and speak in a didactic and evaluative perspective in order to develop the art of communication in the Italian language.”

Axes/research issues of the project:

  • Identification of psycho cognitive and psychosocial factors in learning the Italian language;
  • Identification of difficulties encountered in listening and understanding in learning the Italian language;
  • Development of listening and speaking skills of the Italian language;
  • Identification of teaching strategies and techniques as well as identification of problems related to the learning and teaching of the Italian language;
  • Bringing the most innovative models for the development and reinforcement of listening and speaking skills that contribute to a better acquisition of the Italian language.

Target groups: Students and teachers of private and public schools of lower and upper secondary education and university

Activities in the framework of research:

  • Project Implementation (Literature research, questionnaires);
  • Publication in the proceeding book of the papers presented at the conference;
  • Workshop related to the project;
  • Summary brochure for the project.

Activities in the framework of teaching:

  • Improvement of the syllabuses for the subjects that the members of the group teach ;
  • Training course: Digital storytelling and the 2030 agenda: designing CLIL paths in Italian L2/LS, Ca’ Foscari Venezia;
  • Continuous verification of students of the second cycle of studies, Master in “Teacher of  Italian Language for upper secondary education” during their professional practice  with research and didactic purpose .