Literature and Communication Research Group

Literature and Communication Research Group
Leader: Prof. Dr. Irena Lama
Email: [email protected]

The Research Group “Literature and Communication of the Italian Language” set up at the Department of the Italian Language, is composed of lecturers of this language whose training is in accordance with the field of translation and interpretation. This group aims at a better knowledge of Italian literature and its most rigorous scientific communication. The improvement of teaching and learning through solving the problems encountered in the field of literature and communication of the Italian language is part of the long-term goal of this research group.

In order to achieve its goal, the group “Literature and Communication of the Italian language” has designed the project: Italian literature and religion: Italian literature and religion in the XIX-XX centuries.

Research axes of the project:

  • In-depth study of the written works by the Italian authors of the XIX-XX century.
  • Acquisition of the aesthetic, political, religious and social issues of the relevant works that have influenced the shaping of Italian literature and culture.
  • The development of multilingual and intercultural communicative competences through the study of Italian literature.
  • Approaches to the use of Italian literature in various fields such as; journalism, public relations  and publication or communication of study results, etc.

Group activities 2022-2024:

  • Conference on the topic “Richness of languages and messages in Italian literature and the problem of translation in the Albanian language” presented by Dr . Klara Kodra;
  • Conference, video film and reading of poems by Pier Paolo Pasolini: Students’ acquaintance with the writer and his poems;
  • Theater, the dramatization of a Pirandelian novel – Acquisition of Italian language and culture by students;
  • Conference to honor Nobel laureate Grazzia Deledda – Dramatization of the finale of Grazzia Deledda by students;
  • “Scrivi con noi” (Write with us) competition: Activity that supports the aims of the

Project: Italian literature and religion, Italian literature and religion in the 19th-20th centuries;

  • Trainings, workshops, open lectures, video conferences, seminars, mutual mobility – within the framework of the Siena agreement (January-September 2023 and October-September 2024).Research topics: “Contribution to the spread of Italian culture and literature in Albania”, “Publications and contributions to the spread of Italian culture and literature in Albania.”;
  • Conference on the topic: “A broadening of knowledge of cultural relations between Albania and Italy in the media century”. Target group: lecturers, students;
  • Workshop/seminar for the project “Italian literature and religion, Italian literature and religion in the 19th-20th centuries”;
  • Summary brochure for the project;
  • Project implementation; publication of conference proceedings in the proceeding book.

Literature Database related to the project

         Group activities 2023-2024:

  • Conference on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the Italian language department at FFL : “40 years of Italian language, literature and culture at FFL”;
  • Italo Calvino – 100 years since the writer’s birth;
  • Fatima Scialdone – “Cantando L’Italia”(The singing italiano);
  • The course “Dizione fonazione e techniche di comunicazione della lingua italiana” ( Phonetic Diction, and communication techniques of the Italian language)by Fatima Scialdone – language practice for perfecting speaking and communication  in the Italian language;
  • Participation in the international competition: Storytelling in Italian – with students of Italian language department.