Dr. Marisa Janku

Faculty of Foreign Languages

Dr. Marisa Janku


– Graduated in the field of linguistics (German as a foreign language / didactics-methodology) and promoted in the science of education and intercultural communication, with a 15-year experience in the university field.

-Member of the Quality Assurance Unit at the Faculty of Foreign Languages

– Member of the “Culture and Language” network/Agency for Education and Internationalization in Vienna, Austria, as well as a reviewer in the scientific journal “Polissema, Revista De Letras do Iscap” in Porto, Portugal.

  – Participant in numerous national and international conferences as well as publisher of numerous articles inside and outside the country in scientific journals in Western Europe and beyond.

– Former President of the Association of German Language Teachers in Albania and organizer and moderator in national and international conferences focusing on various topics in the field of German studies.

-Member of scientific projects and organizer of national and international conferences within the university framework.

– Member of several national and international projects in cooperation with Goethe-Institute in the field of methodology and didactics and intercultural education.