Scientific Forum “Challenges and Perspectives for an Inclusive Faculty”

Scientific Forum “Challenges and Perspectives for an Inclusive Faculty”

🏫Today, on the 29th of February 2024, a scientific forum titled “Challenges and Perspectives for an Inclusive Faculty” took place at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. The primary focus of this forum was to identify challenges pertaining to inclusivity within the academic environment, specifically concerning auditoriums, curriculum development, and broader institutional frameworks within higher education institutions in regulatory documents and explore strategies for their practical implementation.

📌Good practices, concrete proposals, analysis of problem-solving for the difficulties encountered based on the guiding principles as well as the identification of steps that can be followed by all actors involved in the process of implementing inclusive policies in higher education to designing a comprehensive curriculum were some of the topics discussed in this forum.

📌In her speech, Prof. Dr. Esmeralda KROMIDHA, the Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, expounded upon the institutional vision aligned with the Development Strategy of the University of Tirana (2023-2028). Furthermore, she provided statistical insights regarding the enrollment of students with disabilities at the Faculty of Foreign Languages over the past three years. Additionally, Professor KROMIDHA delineated strategies and initiatives aimed at enhancing infrastructure facilities within the faculty. Notably, she announced the inauguration of a novel study program dedicated to sign language interpretation, underscoring the faculty’s commitment to inclusivity and academic advancement.

📌The panelists convened for the scientific forum on inclusive education included esteemed figures such as Vice-Rector of the University of Tirana, Prof. Dr. Anila PAPARISTO; Vice Rector of Polis University, Dr. Merita TOSKA; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eglantina XHAJA, , Assoc .Prof.Dr. Elsa RAKIPLLARI, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Etleva BAJRAMI, Dr. Bizena BIJO,Assoc. Prof.Dr. Linda PUSTINA, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Flamur BIDAJ, Assoc.Prof. Entela HALOÇI, Ms. Xhiliola BIXHEKU, Mr. Florian ROJBA, Ms. Marina MARTINI, Assoc.Prof. Dr. Elona TORO, Ms. Stelina NDREU and Ms. Steljona GJIKA .Their discussions encompassed a wide array of topics, including the formulation of policies, identification of good practices, and addressing challenges pertinent to inclusive education. Additionally, they shared valuable insights drawn from their respective roles and experiences within their relevant faculties, universities, or institutions. This exchange of knowledge and expertise contributed significantly to understanding of inclusive education principles and methodologies among the attendees.

📌During the concluding session, participants deliberated on the outcomes derived from the discussions, emphasizing actionable measures aimed at enhancing educational quality and fostering an inclusive ethos within academic environments. Central to these discussions was the notion of drafting a recommendatory document designed to facilitate the implementation of inclusive practices in education. Through this document, it is envisioned that tangible steps and guidelines will be articulated to support institutions in their efforts to promote inclusivity and uphold educational excellence.

📌The forum convened today facilitated the consolidation of dialogue and collaboration between the Faculty of Foreign Languages-UT and various actors in the field of higher education such as lecturers, researchers, representatives of policy-making institutions, members of non-governmental organizations, social workers and trainers.