University of Tirana

In the framework of the program “UT- Research, Excellency and Innovation”, based on articles 40, 108 and 109 of the law no. 80/2015 “Of higher education and scientific research in the institutions of higher education in the Republic of Albania”, in article 36 of the Statute of the University of Tirana, Decision no. 29 of the Academic Senate for the approval of the Guideline “for the Administration Procedures of scientific research projects, financed by the Budget for Scientific Research at the UT”, The University of Tirana has opened calls for project ideas from its constituent units.


Call October 2022

The Faculty of Foreign Languages was announced winner of the following projects:

  1. “Mapping of key competencies and learning outcomes in teaching programs, with a focus on the formation of professional competencies of teaching students of the University of Tirana (HK-RN-SUT)”, directed by Prof. Dr. Esmeralda KROMIDHA

Activity 1: Group work meeting


  1. Interdisciplinary integration of scientific research in the field of foreign language teaching – increasing research scientific capacities”, directed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ema KRISTO.


  1. The use of innovative methods in support of scientific research, for the academic staff and the students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tirana, directed by Dr. Ogerta KORUTI STROKA.


  1. “Study and analysis on the coherence and expected standards of the linguistic specialist in the field of tourism in the Albanian context”directed by Dr. Drita RIRA.

Activity 1 – Culture and Tourism Summer School titled: “Potentials of Cultural Itineraries of the European Council in Albania: territory resources”


Day 1     Day 2    Day 3     Day 4

Activity 2 – A visit to the museum areas in Vlora


  1. “Creating comparable corpora in the field of economic and legal legislation” directed by Dr. Fjoralba DADO